Monique and Nicole go Big in Chicago!


Nicole and Monique go big in Chicago at Wings of Strength! 


This past weekend was a huge weekend in Chicago at the 2013 WINGS OF STRENGTH. 106 IFBB Pro athletes graced the stage at Tim Gardner's Pro component with five divisions including Female Bodybuilding, Women's Physique, Men's 212 Bodybuilding, Men's Open Bodybuilding and Figure.

Monique Jones came into a VERY competitive Female Bodybuilding field and for the second year in a row, Monique pulled out a big victory and clinched an Olympia birth! Monique was by far the biggest and roundest bodybuilder on the stage that day. Now, with more time to work with Coach Dave Palumbo, she hopes to nail condition and make a BIG splash on the Olympia stage this year!

monique1pose monique2pose

Nicole Ball came in with a GREAT package for Women's Physique. Clinching a 3rd place in her first show of the year, Nicole has displayed what it takes to do well in this division. She brought down her waist and her muscularity to really fit in with the WPD division. Her condition was spectacular. We at Species believe she can stand with anyone in the division in terms of muscle, balance, symmetry, and condition.

nicole1pic nicole2pic

Congratulations to both of our athletes for representing so well at the 2013 Wings of Strength this year!